Family Therapy

The Feeling of Resentment, Confusion and Detachment

You're sick and tired of not being able to connect with those close to you. You notice the same argument and issues keep popping up and are becoming frustrated with not knowing if anything is going to change.

You’ve become discouraged and feel like you are out to sea without anyone nearby. Hoping that things will change but have a fear that things will only get worse.

It's important to have someone that can help support and act as a guide for getting to the deeper issues. 

Maybe you have tried to include other people, read articles online, and spent countless hours trying to figure out how to get through.

How Therapy solves relational problems

If you have ever been lost in a city or unfamiliar place it can be frustrating or frightening not knowing how to get to your destination.

Sometimes streets wind and turn into one-ways or dead ends. It's nice to be able to have a GPS that can give you directions at each turn rather than trying to navigate it out on your own.

Understanding boundaries is difficult to do by yourself. Working with a therapist can help you and your loved ones find the connection everyone is looking for.

What To Expect

As your family begins therapy we will begin to start listening to each other and understand each other better.  You and your loved ones will focus on respecting each other's boundaries and learn better ways to communicate with each other.

Taking the first step

When we begin we first start by getting to know each other and define our expectations for therapy. 

We then learn ways to communicate with each other that are non-offensive with each other focusing on strengthening each other's boundaries.

Through the process, your family will learn each other’s needs and wants, understand where each person is coming from, and have the ability to have their viewpoints heard and respected.

Building Together

There is no need to continue to go through what you’re going through alone. The frustration of trying to figure out what to do is overwhelming and leads to disappointment or feeling trapped. Having someone that knows how to help can be the tiny change needed to truly start living life again.

Don't Be Discouraged!

I know how hard it can be to not know what to do and having support to figure that out is crucial to feeling better faster. Reaching out for help can take a lot of courage and energy.

I've helped many people identify and overcome their traumatic experiences and I am grateful to see so many people that I work with succeed. I love working with families and helping them get past the hurdles.