Counseling For Trauma PTSD

You’ve experienced something painful that is holding you back in your life.

You approach life differently, with more fear…and it feels like it’s coming from things in your past.

Do you start to notice yourself avoiding things that bother you or remind you of something painful from your memories?

After experiencing a traumatic event there are changes that take place in the brain which alter the brain's natural chemistry. However, it is normal to feel this way when you have been through something deeply traumatic.

You are not alone..

As trauma alters our minds, it begins to shape the way we live our lives. This in turn creates a negative feedback loop that keeps us trapped in an endless cycle of trying to fix the problem and them being frustrated at ourselves for not being “normal”.

But the truth is. There is a way to break the cycle of being frustrated and finding a new way to live!

PTSD can have symptoms that are like anxiety and depression on the surface but the root causes are different. You might experience insomnia, flashbacks, low self-esteem, and painful or unpleasant emotions. You might constantly relive a life event or forget it altogether.

Therapy for traumatic experiences will help to rewire the way you feel about the past trauma. By remembering it differently it will become less triggering. It’s no longer always on your mind. and now your symptoms of anxiety or depression start to disappear. Your self-confidence will improve.


After therapy, you can learn to take charge of your life and no longer experience panic attacks. To be able to just go and enjoy life without constantly worrying about the past or the future.

To finally be free of the past. To experience what it's like to have your life restored. No longer being triggered or needing to avoid painful situations. To experience self-confidence and empowerment over life.

I have worked with many people who have struggled with deeply traumatic experiences in their past and have seen them find the change they were searching for. I have watched as my clients go from having their PTSD running their lives to them managing their PTSD. I love working with and being there each step of the way as my clients make that journey.

It's tough to reach out for help, I know that.

But it’s the hard times that push us to grow stronger than we have been before.

If you’re ready to heal, reach out today!