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Struggling With Mental Health leaves you feeling powerless...

Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, constantly worrying about what is going on to happen next, or maybe having to put on a performance for others so they do not notice what you are going through. 

It just takes a toll on you and leaves you hopeless with fear that things could get worse. 

Self-doubt, anger, or frustration has kept you from reaching out to others even though you know that something needs to change. 

But you know that living life was not meant to be this way and you are ready to do something about it. 

Change is possible, it just takes the right guide to make it happen.

Finding The Right Person

You’re not alone in this!

I have personally worked with so many people facing the same challenges you are and have had the joy of seeing many people’s lives attain true changes that last. 

My therapy is aimed at developing goals that lead toward reaching lasting outcomes...

When you are able to feel more in control, then you are able to fulfill what you want from life, and that’s what can bring peace.

This is Your Time,

Therapy Can Help

You can overcome your history and discover a sense of empowerment.

I personally know what it’s like to go through anxiety, depression, and trauma.

I know how difficult it can be dealing with mental health issues on your own and how frustrating it is when nothing seems to help.

Getting support from a professional is the best step to seeing a true transformation. 

Please reach out for a free consultation, and I look forward to working with you!




To Heart To Heart Counseling

Hi I'm Shaun!

I know that at this moment things can feel overwhelming, but I can help you get back to better again!

I have a background working with others who have struggled with substances and concurrently suffered from mental health challenges. 

All my sessions offer a perspective and approach that focus on each person’s personal health, mental health, psychological health, and boundaries with those closest to you.

It’s not just about fixing what's here and now, but about creating an upward spiral where your emotions can support you in your goals.

If you’re ready to make that happen, if you’re ready to let go of the stress and embrace your true being, then let’s get started!



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